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FLAT ISLANDS (BONAVISTA)-- A group of Islands on west side of Bonavista Bay, district of Bonavista. The people are mostly engaged in fishing. Distant from Barrow Harbor by boat 7 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 250.

Butt, Andrew, fisherman

Butt, Edward, planter

Butt, Josiah, fisherman

Butt, Joshua, fisherman

Cheatin, William, fisherman

Davis, John C., fisherman

Davis, Moses, fisherman

Hallett, Jonah, planter

Hallett, Reuben, fisherman

Hicks, Joseph, fisherman

Hiscock, Joseph, fisherman

Honeyburn, Robert, fisherman

Killegrew, William, planter

Morgan, Edward, fisherman

Moss, Richard, fisherman

Pedding, James, fisherman

Philpot, James, fisherman

Pickers, Henry, fisherman

Pike, Charles, fisherman

Pike, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid

Poor, Edward, fisherman

Rolph, Charles, fisherman

Rolph, Eli, fisherman

Rolph, James, planter

Rogers, Mrs. Mary, fisherman

Rolph, Stephen, jun., planter

Rolph, Stephen, sen., fisherman

Rolph, Thomas, fisherman

Sansom, James, fisherman

Sansom, John, planter

Sansom, Joseph, fisherman

Sansom, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid

Sansom, Thomas, jun. Sansom,

Thomas, sen. fisherman

Sansom, William, planter

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